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Public evaluation is open for the YoBloCo Awards!

The CTA’s ARDYIS Project and its partners are proud to announce that public evaluation is now open for the “Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition” (YoBloCo Awards)! 

To participate in the evaluation, please visit the YoBloCo Blog:   http://ardyis.cta.int/yobloco

  Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management (WICaNeM 2012) : Call for papers

Call for applications: Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme 2012 - Call for papers

Who owns the cloud? Is my data secure there? Who manages Internet domains and addresses, and how? What is network neutrality? How can states provide for Internet security without breaching our basic human rights - or can they? Can we have an Internet that is both safe and open? 

Diplo's Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme 2012 will give you a solid base from which to discuss these and other questions, and to work towards policy solutions for users, organisations, and governments. This online programme is designed to improve Internet policy and governance-related knowledge and skills for participants from both developed and developing countries, and to enhance their participation in the global decision-shaping debates on Internet governance. The call for applications for the 2012 Introduction to Internet Governance course is now open. Please visit the call for applications or www.diplomacy.edu/ig for more information and to apply (deadline: 1 February 2012).

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