AYFST Cameroon Celebrates the African Scientific revival Day

September 30th 2010

AYFST Cameroon members at the Cameroon Scientific Revival Day AYFST Cameroon members at the Cameroon Scientific Revival Day (Click to enlarge)

The African Technology Policy Studies Network in collaboration with the African Youth Forum on Science and Technology (AYFST) - Cameroon celebrated the African Scientific Revival day in Buea, Cameroon. The conference, whose theme was “Making Information Systems Work for Health Sectors in Cameroon”  took place at the capitol residence hotel in Buea; ans was attended by overr 30 participants mostly drawn from the AYFST, Cameroon chapter.

The meeting was chaired by the ATPS Cameroon Chapter Co-ordinator, Dr. Ndeso Atanga and the South West Regional delegate for Public Health, Cameroon. Key papers presented during the meeting included:

  • Rationale for Database management in health systems in Cameroon
  • Framework and methodology for constructing databases for Cameroon’s health Systems
  • Innovations of improving Traditional filling systems in Cameroon’s health Institutions
  • Trails and tribulations in the Development and Implementation of databases management Systems in Cameroon’s health sector
  • Databases packages that work for health systems
  • Database systems for managing medical records

Each presentation was accompanied by a question and answer session. After the presentations, there were deliberations of the different topics presented and recommendations were made which will be forwarded to the Cameroon Minister of Public Health and Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation through their representatives present at this occasion. Many youths who attended the revival day expressed satisfaction and pledge to be members of AYFST.

During the meeting, the following Recommendations were made by members to be forwarded to the Cameroonian Ministers of Public Health and Scientific Research and Innovation:

  • Making Information Systems Work for Health Sectors in Cameroon to promptly and effectively improve the health system in Cameroon.

  • The implementation of database systems to provide relevant information to health officials at any hospital using the database in order to improve treatment.
  • Use of databases as a secure way foe keeping medical records.
  • Extension of the use of information systems in Cameroonian hospitals

The AYFST, Cameroon members speaking on behalf of the Cameroonian youth expressed a strong belief that the implementation of information systems in health sectors in Cameroon will greatly improve health delivery within the country and pledged their support to contribute to the success of the project both at individual and at the national level. The representative of the minister of Scientific Research and innovation also pledged her support to carry the recommendations to the minister of scientific research and Innovation for action.

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