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The importance of science and technology is recognized by Government of Malawi. The Government has established a Science and technology commission. It’s Science and technology policy promotes participation of all Malawians in the development and application of S&T with special emphasis on women, youth and other special interest groups.

Role of Malawian Youth in Science & Technology

  • Campaign for strategic education in S&T
  • Behaviour change
  • Entrepreneurship engagement
  • Advocacy


  • The AYFST-Malawi sensitisation forum was conducted in 2007
  • The youth were sensitized on science andtechnology issues and were recruited into AYFST
  • Participants were mainly drawn from educational institutions and research institutes
  • AYFST was established with a national steering committee
  • Composition of the steering committee was based on institutions and not individuals.
  • The National Steering Committee was mandated to come up with an action plan

Objectives for AYFST Malawi

  • Mobilize the Youth and empower them to harness ST&I for development in Malawi.
  • Support and facilitate knowledge sharing and cooperation among Malawian Youth.
  • Facilitate and promote youth engagement in agriculture, science and technology and social entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Facilitate ST&I career mentoring for Malawian Youths by their senior colleagues.
  • Promote Youth involvement in related ST&I project.

Challenges and recommendations

Since its inception in 2007 progress has been slow for the AYFST in Malawi, due to lack of adequate support from key institutions, the absence of a secretariat and the transient nature of the youth demographic with several members proceeding for further studies, employment and in search of business opportunities. The following are the recommendations for improvement:

  • Learn from AYFST-Malawi progress
  • Establish a secretariat within an institution:Department of science and technology
  • Garner support from institutions
  • Increase awareness and networking
  • Take advantage of funding opportunities that have been created for the youth: Push for support of entrepreneurship projects thatmake use of science and technology

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