AYFST Membership and National Chapters

Designating a reliable mechanism for absorbing new members is a priority in the plan of action. We must be innovative in the ways we create interest in AYFST. This mechanism must align with the values of AYFST. The Millennium Development Goals defines ‘youth’ between age 18 and 35. AYFST references this same definition in pursuit of its objective to build youth capacity in science, technology, and innovation for sustainable development in Africa. AYFST is committed to a ‘knowledge-based’ development of Africa, and it believes that harnessing the knowledge and ability of the youth is vital to this pursuit. Knowledge for development is not just in universities, libraries, and books. Knowledge exists beyond these boundaries, with youths outside formal institutions for education. For that reason, while AYFST will be involved with institutions of education, it must also reach youths outside the academia. The membership criteria include:

  • Any scientist, professional and innovator within the age limit of 18-35 qualifies to be a member of AYFST and are eligible to be elected into AYFST leadership positions if they meet the requirements.
  • Young scientists, professionals or innovators who are Africans and have the passion and drive to see Africa experiencing sustainable socio-economic growth and development.
  • The AYFST activities should extend beyond academia, and NOT exclude young innovators outside the university.

Constitution of the AYFST Regional Steering Committee


  • Members would preferably be drawn from multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  • The members should share the vision, mission and values of AYFST.
  • The membership must have regional and gender representation.
  • The membership will grow in accordance with the growth of AYFST.
  • The committee shall be composed of thirteen (13) initial members.

The designated responsibilities shall be as follows:

  • Chairman
  • Vice chairman
  • Secretary
  • Members


  • Should possess at least a first degree with experience relevant to agriculture, science, technology, innovation, advocacy and policyformulation for sustainable development.
  • A steering committee member must be a national chapter coordinator of a country that has been active for the past two years.

Tenure of Office:

  • Term of office shall be two years, and the term may be renewed by election.
  • Countries may hold seats for more than twoterms, but individuals may not.

Terms of Reference:

  • Coordinate AYFST activities.
  • Encourage a standard of quality regarding submissions.
  • Report the affairs of AYFST to ATPS coordinator semi-annually.
  • Shall collaborate with ATPS coordinator in making sure there is a good relationship between AYFST and ATPS national chapters.
  • Shall meet at least once in a year to deliberate on annual congress themes and other relatedmatters
  • Shall guide incoming steering committee members in their duties.

Election mechanisms:

  • Countries, not individuals, will be nominated for steering committee membership.
  • One vote is given for any member country that has been active for the past two years. 
  • Regional representation on the steering committee will be determined based on a region’s relative percent membership in AYFST.
  • The chairperson, vice chairperson and the secretary shall be elected by members of the steering committee.

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